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Magic Brush
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The Original Magic Brush is great for; 
Cleaning, Massaging, Support during change of coat, Removes horse hair from riding clothes and much more! 

MagicBrush gets your horse perfectly clean! Thanks to its special bristles, dried sweat, mud and dirt can be removed easily.

Make your horse feel comfortable!

MagicBrush massages your horse during the grooming and care. You will see, horses love MagicBrush.

The brush in the cool colours!

MagicBrush is a trendy horse brush which comes in new colours every year. Your favourite brush matches your outfit; the colourful brushes add a touch of fun and style to your grooming box.

MagicBrush for hooves, legs and coat!

MagicBrush reaches even narrow dents and can be used for grooming hooves; the sensitive heel bulbs and the coronary band are protected. Thanks to its special bristles, MagicBrush is easy on the joints and bones. MagicBrushis the perfect support during the change of coat and is the ideal tool forshampooing. MagicBrush can be used on any type of horse hair.

MagicBrush cleans clothes, boots, and saddle cloths!

MagicBrush easily removes horse hair from your riding clothes and the saddle cloth. It even gets your riding boots perfectly clean.

MagicBrush is made in EU.

Make your horse feel good with MagicBrush!


  • Brand: Jenkinsons


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