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JHL Leather Covered Curb Chain     (e/t)PV
Curb Chain Guard
Lincoln Arnica Cream 400g  (t/e)P
Arnica Cream - Aids Bruising
Lincoln Blended Neatsfoot Oil        (t/e)  PV
Neatsfoot Oil Gel
Lincoln Cactus Grooming Mitt   (t/e)P
Lincoln Cactus Grooming Mitt
Lincoln Citronella Fly Spray with Aloe Vera      (t/e)P
Fly protection for sensitive skin
Lincoln Clipper Oil   (t/e)PV
Clipper Oil
Lincoln Cool Leg Gel 400g      (t/e)P
Lincoln Cooling Leg Gel
Lincoln Curved Blade Bandage Scissors  (t/no e) P
Blunt Ended Bandage Scissors
Lincoln Diamante Plaiting Bands 5 or 20 Packs  (t/e)P
Diamante Plaiting Bands
Lincoln Ditch the Itch Fly Repellent  (t/e)P
Repellent against Biting Midges and Horseflies
Lincoln Fetlock Scissors   (e/t) P
Fetlock Scissors
Lincoln Fleece Grooming Mitt   (t/e)P
Fleece Grooming Mitt
Lincoln Glycerine Gel Saddle Soap  (t/e)Pv
Glycerine Gel Leather Soap
Lincoln Leather Hole Punch    (t/e)P
Lincoln Leather Hole Punch
Lincoln Leather Polish 400g     (t/e)P
Leather Polish
Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub 500ml    (t/e)P
Anribacterial Wash for Mud Fever
Lincoln Neatsfoot Gel Soap 400g   (t/e) PV
Neatsfoot Oil Gel
Lincoln Non Scratch Tack Cleaning Sponge  (t/e)P
Double Sided Tack Cleaning Sponge
Lincoln Oval Wash Brush    (t/e) P
Bath and Brush
Lincoln Pig Oil and Sulphur  1Ltr            (t/e)PV
A Water Resistant Skin Preperation
Lincoln Pig Oil Spray 500ml  (t/e)  PV
Pig oil skin and coat conditioner
Lincoln Rubber Curb Chain Guard  (t/e)P
Curb Chain Guard
Lincoln Sheepskin Grooming Mitt    (t/e)P
Sheepskin Grooming Mitt
Lincoln Small Mesh Haynet  (t/e)P
4cm Mesh Haynet
Lincoln SOA+ Itch Be Gone Bar Soap Sweet itch Lice Insect Bites Allergies  (t/e) PV
Itch Be Gone Soap Stops itching and rubbing cycle.
Lincoln Stain Remover 500ml  (t/e)P
Lincoln Stain Remover for grass or stable stains
Lincoln Summer Fly Wash      (t/e)P
Summer Fly Wash
Lincoln Superior Leather Balsam  (t/e)P
Leather Conditioner
Lincoln Total Groom  Coat Care (t/e)P
Grooming Spray to Repel Dirt
Lincoln Ultimate Groomer    (t/e) Pv
Hair Shedding Blade
Lincoln Waterproofing Aerosol  (t/e)PV
Waterproofer in a can
Stablekit Ultimate Brush    (t/e)P
Stablekit Ultimate Brush