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Carrots Pink Horse Design Aluminium Sports Drinking Bottle       (t/e)Pv
Horse Logo Aluminium Drinks Bottle
Moorland Rider Horse wear Washbag Jumbo    (e/t)Pv
Jumbo (75x80cm) for the above plus larger rugs.
Moorland Rider Horsewear Washbag -  Large   (e/t) Pv
Large Wash Bag (58x75cm) for numnahs and thin rugs.
Moorland Rider Horsewear Washbag - Small    (t/e)PV
Small (41x54cm) for girths, boots, bandages and fly masks
Moorland Rider Girth Buckle Wash Bag    (t/e) Pv
Protect your washing machine from your girth buckles!
Magnetic Shopping list Pad - Foal Design  (e)P
Horse Shopping List Pad
Magnetic Shopping list Pad - Horses in Rugs Foal Design  (T/e)Pv
Horse Design Magnetic Shopping List Pad
Mare and Foal Napkins                             (te)Pv
Mare and Foal Design Napkins
Glass Chopping Board - Coffee and Cream                (t/e)PV
Heat resistant glass board
Glass Chopping Board - Mini Rockers                (t/e)PV
Heat resistant glass board
Horse Friends Beaded Lap Tray      (t/e)Pv
Horse Design Laptray
Horses Design Fine China Mug   (t/e)Pv
Julia Hook Design Horse Mug
Mare & Foal China Mug in Gift Box   (E/T)PV
Horse Mug in Gift Box
Milly Green Playful Ponies PVC Lunch Bag    (e/t)Pv
Playful Ponies Lunch Bag
Thelwell Pony Worktop Saver -'Show No Fear' (T/e) Pv
Thelwell Glass Worktop Saver
Thelwell Slim Cartoon Pony Serving Tray          (te)Pv
Thelwell Cartoon Slimline Tray
Thelwell Tea Bag Tidy
Tea bag or spoon rest.