First Aid

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Kitt Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap Complete Set      (not/e)P
Perfect for cooling tired legs or reducing inflammation.
Kitt Hot/Cold Therapy Refill Packs  (t/e)P
Cool tired legs or reduce inflammation.
Elico Digital Thermometer   (t/e)   P
Digital thermometer
Robinsons Animalintex Poultice Dressings    (t/e) PV
Animalintex Wound Dressing
Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub 500ml    (t/e)Pv
Anribacterial Wash for Mud Fever
Gel-Eze Bandage  (t/e)Pv
Under Bandage for Strains
Groom Away Seal To Heal Aerosol    (t/e)Pv
Spray on Wound Cover
Lincoln Arnica Cream 400g  (t/e)Pv
Arnica Cream - Aids Bruising
Lincoln Cool Leg Gel 400g      (t/e)Pv
Lincoln Cooling Leg Gel
Lincoln Witch Hazel and Arnica Gel 400g   (t/e)Pv
Witch Hazel and Arnica Gel
Lincoln Wound Cream 200g    (t/e)Pv
Wound Healing Cream
NAF Kof Eze Soothing Linctus  500ml        (t/e) P
Cough linctus
Pettifers Green Oils Antiseptic SPRAY 250ml       (t/e)Pv
Green Oils Antiseptic Spray
Pettifers Green Oils Gel 400g  (t/e)Pv
Green Oils Healing Gel
Aqueos Blood Stop Powder    (t/e) P
Blood Coagulant Powder
Freestep MagneSoak Foot Soak           (t/e)Pv
Mineral foot soak
Gold Label Turma Cream 250g        (t/e)Pv
Turmeric and Shea Butter Skin Cream
Leovet Cellsius Leg Cooling Gel 300ml                 (t/e)Pv
Cools Down Tired Legs
Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder                          (t/e)Pv
Antibacterial Mud Fever Powder
Maxavita Pernamax Equine Patch - "2Pack     (e/t)P
Cooling Gel For Strains and Swelling
N.E.W. Gelcel Pads - Twin Pack         (t/e)P
Reusable leg Wrap
SOA+ Itch Be Gone Bar Soap Sweet itch Lice Insect Bites Allergies  (t/e) PV
Itch Be Gone Soap Stops itching and rubbing cycle.
Wendals Herbs Comfrey Cream      (t/e)PV
Natural Healing