British Made Numnahs, Saddlepads and Accessories
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Nuumed Grooming Mitt
Sheepskin grooming mitt
Nuumed HiWither Everyday  Saddlepad SP11      (t/no e)
A HiWither Anti Slip saddlepad.
This "sticky on mesh" numnah offers a double helping of anti slip benefits using the eco friendly mesh on the underside next to the horse's back and very effective 'sticky' covering under the saddle. The mesh does...
Nuumed Pure Wool Insoles for Warm Feet!
Wooll Shoe Insoles
NuuMed Wool Girth Sleeve EA01   (no e)
100% wool girth sleeve
Pessoa Saddlepad
Saddlecraft Quilted Cotton Dressage Pad     (t/no e)
Everyday Dressage Saddlecloth